Donations and Payments


To make a donation or a payment to
Congregation Kol HaNeshana by check:

Please send your check, with a note
specifying what the check is for, to:

Congregation Kol HaNeshama
PO Box 21655
Sarasota, FL .34276

Guidelines for Donating Stocks

Congregation Kol HaNeshama  is happy to announce that it now accepts gifts of readily marketable publicly traded stocks for payment of dues and donations.

To read an informative article about the financial benefits of gifting appreciated stocks, called
“Donating appreciated stock can double tax benefits”
click here.

The value of the gift of stock will be based on the price received at the time of sale.

Guidelines and Information:

  1. The congregation will accept gifts of stock in payment for dues and donations.

  2. The securities will be sold approximately 3-6 business days after they have been gifted.

  3. The donor will be given full credit for the value of the stock at the time of sale, minus a $7.00 commission and a $.03 fee. There are no other fees or changes to the value of the gift once the stock has been sold.

  4. The congregation will receive the net value from the sale of the stock.  The congregation cannot refund any of the funds in the transaction. Any amount remaining after the donor’s obligations are met will be accepted as a donation.

  5. If the value of the stock is insufficient to meet the donor's obligations to the congregation, the donor will be billed for the remainder.

  6. After the transfer is completed, the Treasurer will generate a letter of acknowledgement and appreciation to the donor. The acknowledgement will state the donor’s name, number of shares being transacted, the net value to the congregation, and the date of the transaction. This letter is what you will use for tax purposes.

  7. The congregation is not able to accept gifts of closely held stock, including, but not limited to, debt and equity positions in non-publicly traded companies, interests in limited partnerships and limited liability companies.


  1. Notify the congregation Treasurer by email that you wish to make a stock transfer. 
    The current treasurer, Susan Salzman, can be reached at

    If the Treasurer is unavailable, please contact one of the co-presidents by e-mail. 
    The e-mail address for Susan Mair is
    The e-mail address for Maureen Binderman is
    The e-mail address for Toby Deutsch is

  2. You will be called and given all the information your broker will need to complete the transaction.

  3. Contact your stock broker regarding gifting the stock to the congregation.  Your broker will have you fill out a gift letter. You do not sell the stock .... it is gifted to the congregation.  You need only give your broker the information the Treasurer gave you.
    NOTE:  under no circumstances should the shares be sold prior to transfer, as certain benefits accruing to the donor may be lost.

  4. At this point your job is complete. All of the guidelines listed above will be followed by the congregation, and you will receive copies of all of the verifying paperwork in a timely fashion.

Thank you.


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