Jewish Meditation

Nature is God’s nigun,
a wordless melody of unfolding Life.
To awaken to God we must hear the nigun.
To awaken to God we must listen in deep silence.
Silence arises when thinking ceases.
If we would know God
we must quiet the mind,
cease the chatter that passes for knowledge
when in fact it only flatters the foolish.
We cannot live without words
but let us not imagine that words are sufficient.
As a symphony needs rest to lift music out of noise,
so we need silence to lift truth out of words.

– Rami M. Shapiro – Kol HaNeshama Siddur – pg. 185


Meditative practices have been deeply rooted in Judaism for thousands of years. In this group we bring Jewish learning, approaches, and knowledge to traditional meditative techniques.

Leadership rotates from Month to month, allowing each leader to bring their personal interpretations, understandings, and meaning to the meditation. Silence, visualization, chant, and other techniques are used to deepen spiritual intention.

The Jewish meditation group meets once a month, in the homes of its members. The group is open to the entire Jewish community. Jewish meditation is sponsored and publicized by Congregation KH and run by its members.

Meetings take place at 4 p.m. on Sundays. It is usually the third Sunday, but the specific Sunday of each month will vary according to the wishes of the group.

We are now in our eighth year of group meditation.

Location: To find out where the next meeting will be, call Linda at (941) 244-2042

Please join with us!